Aerial imagery

WrightPSM is proud to now offer low-altitude aerial photogrammetry services.

Our UAV mapping drone can quickly fly your custom suited photogrammetry missions at a fraction of the cost of hiring a manned aircraft.

You can receive any number of deliverable packages, with endless possibilities of uses:

    • Photogrammetric mapping
      • up-to-date aerial photo map of your property or project area
      • georeferenced orthomosaic imports directly into your CAD software or GIS
      • can be combined with our other survey services
Aerial image with CAD linework
    • Aerial time-lapse monitoring
      • Monitor the progress of your construction project over time
      • Document conditions onsite for your clients or legal team
    • Photogrammetry based DEM (digital elevation model)
      • Get the lay of the land with a high resolution digital model
    • Easy to interpret elevation models for presenting to clients

      Oblique photo of a jobsite
    • Oblique photos, videos, or animations
      • 4k resolution aerial photos look great in presentations or sales brochures
      • Inspection photos – get up close views of inaccessible objects

Professional Surveying and Mapping