Commercial Surveying


To ensure a smooth workflow throughout your Residential or Commercial construction project, we can perform all of your survey needs from site plans to As-built surveys.

Sample image of a shopping center boundary survey performed by WrightPSM, with CAD file draped over aerial imagery

These are some of the typical commercial surveys we provide:

  • Hydrographic survey
  • Topographic survey
  • Boundary survey
  • Pre-construction Site Plans
  • Formboard survey (usually as part of a construction package)
  • As-Built survey

Our staff has been trained to operate the most modern survey field equipment, such as manual and robotic total stations, RTK GPS and GNSS systems.

Hydrographic Surveys
Hydrographic survey of a canal in South Florida using RTK GPS and hydrolite sonar.
Hydrographic survey of a canal in South Florida using RTK GPS and hydrolite sonar attached to a small jonboat
Sample imagery of data from the Hydrolite sonar

Hydrographic survey boats are equipped for projects ranging from small canal surveys to near-shore marine hydrographic surveys, in depths ranging from 1′ to 220′. We have a small jonboat for surveying inland waterways and canals, and a 20′ bay boat for larger projects.


Surveys are available to you in a variety of formats, including signed and sealed paper hardcopies, electronically signed PDF files, GIS layers, CAD drawings, or raw coordinates. Our small business model and various data formats makes us an ideal candidate for providing sub-contracted services to larger engineering and consulting firms.

Commercial survey clients should also ask about our geophysical services to investigate the subsurface of their property for risks before they become an issue.

Professional Surveying and Mapping