Our Team - WrightPSM

William Wright, Ph.D., P.S.M.

The principal surveyor and founder of WrightPSM, William draws from an 18-year industry background in geomatics, and 10 years of research and consulting experience in near-surface geophysics. His geophysics experience has been focused mainly on terrain conductivity, ground penetrating radar, and seismic refraction techniques. As a surveyor, he has prepared thousands of commercial and residential boundary and topographic surveys, and is responsible for the adjustment of positional survey data and preparing CAD drawings. He is listed as an author on 13 published journal articles and technical reports, and numerous (40+) conference presentations.


Matthew McClellan, Ph.D.

Dr. McClellan has over 6 years of geology and geophysics experience specializing in near surface geophysics data acquisition, processing and interpretation. He has taken the lead role in developing the geophysics branch of WrightPSM and has been responsible for survey design and deployment, field and lab crew management and the publishing and presenting of results at both industry and academic conferences as well as in peer reviewed journals. Additionally, he has 5 years of residential and commercial surveying experience performing traditional survey services using industry standard techniques and equipment and is also a certified utility locator.


Cameron Walker

Cameron boasts over 40 years of experience in land and marine seismic surveying. His drive for innovation has led him to develop proprietary seismic QC software and air gun source arrays built specifically for non-invasive seismic surveying in transitional and shallow water areas. His experience with non-traditional seismic survey techniques is apparent in his extensive portfolio, which spans North and South America, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.