The Company - WrightPSM

About WrightPSM

WrightPSM is a full-service geophysical and land surveying firm based in South Florida. In addition to offering traditional land surveying and mapping services, WrightPSM specializes in near-surface imaging using ground penetrating radar (GPR), seismic refraction, terrain conductivity, and resistivity.

As of 2019, WrightPSM is very excited to announce yet another geophysics expansion. We are now proud to offer large-scale seismic imaging services in coastal, marine, and land-based studies with the addition of Cameron Walker to our team. Cameron has extensive experience in seismic surveying and a unique specialization in surveying shallow marine transitional zones often inaccessible to other geophysics firms. These methods are useful in mapping underground mining hazards, shallow oil, gas, and mineral deposits, construction site characterization, water resources, well site and aquifer characterization, as well as any number of other subsurface features. We are also pleased to now offer expanded hydrographic survey deliverables, using single beam and multi-beam echo sounders, and side-scan sonar for high resolution imaging of underwater features.

With this latest expansion, WrightPSM now offers a full suite of geophysical services for imaging the subsurface at almost any scale, with the ability to mobilize anywhere around the globe. We have always taken pride in our ability to offer our clients custom-tailored products on an as-need basis, and we are excited to continue doing exactly that.